Saturday, 31 October 2009

What The Fuck Is Flash Metal?

Flash Metal is a special term I like to reserve for a select few bands that achieve what I consider to be 80s rock perfection, in regards to overall sound and style contained within at least one LP. Flash Metal consists of ice cold analogue production, catchy hooks created by guitars sounding more like laser guns, razorblade bass lines and splashy yet sparse drum fills. The music is heavy, chugging and unashamedly upbeat, even if expelling an almost vapid quality at times. Flash Metal brims with sleazy energy and excitement, vocalists that spit out rasping innuendo during a verse and deliver melodic euphoria at every chorus. It may be dubbed heavy metal, glam, pop rock, but it all falls mistily under one dirty umbrella, dripping neon, draped in glitter and offering up huge slices of pure Flash Metal indulgence. Prime examples would be albums such as Ratt's "Invasion Of Your Privacy" and Lizzy Borden's "Visual Lies". These types of records are the gasoline to my already raging fire, every note is another bundle of energy assimilated into my very soul. Welcome...

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