Thursday, 5 November 2009

Ratt - Invasion Of Your Privacy (1985)

1. You're In Love
2. Never Use Love
3. Lay It Down
4. Give It All
5. Closer To My Heart
6. Between The Eyes
7. What You Give Is What You Get
8. Got Me On The Line
9. You Should Know By Now
10. Dangerous But Worth The Risk

One year had passed since the Ratt gang had come crawling “Out Of the Cellar” and into the hearts and minds of the MTV generation. The year was now 1985 and the band was onto its sophomore effort - unleashing “Invasion of Your Privacy” - an album which would make them an instant headline act and an album that I consider to be the ultimate Flash Metal record of all time. IOYP is also, possibly Ratt’s best album. Beau Hill (fucking legend!) was back on board to produce; the press reviews were positive and it went on to achieve multi-platinum status.

So what’s so great about it? Everything…

From the opening staccato-picked riff, with its pseudo-thrash tones, you are aware right away that you are listening to a 80s metal tune and a damn fine one at that. “You’re In Love” (with its promo) has gone down not only as a Ratt classic, but as an essential track that defines 80s glam rock. It sets the tone for the whole album - ice cold, almost surgical and pulsating. The lyrics (as on most of this album) seem quite cryptic and randomized “you take the midnight subway train/you’re calling all the shots”, but half the time the listener is able to pick out all the typical shit: “I’m the one who’s out and aims to please/you make your living lovin’ hot, you spin me like a top”. Hell, Ratt could sing the alphabet and it would sound cool as fuck and that’s the point. It’s the delivery of Stephen Pearcy (vocals) and his distinctive (at times robotic) pipes and the way all the words wrap themselves around Warren DeMartini and Robbin Crosby’s guitar lines. I cannot for the life of me think of any album that kicks off so well, fully embodying and oozing the true sound of its decade within the opening seconds. IOYP is a fucking time machine baby!

“Never Use Love” comes crashing in right off the back of track one, quickly scrambling itself into a truly awesome riff, preparing to take you on another journey where Ratt helps us to vicariously date chicks, dump chicks, get cheated on and reminisce – good times….But seriously everything again is as tight as a virgin’s snatch with more super sub-zero verses, building up to one of the most euphoric chorus hooks in rock history! I must say, hand on heart that I love this song to death and it was the chorus that made me fall head over heels – my favourite song on the album and my favourite Ratt song period, 3 minutes and 54 seconds of bliss.

“Lay It Down” is a song (and video) tons of people into glam are familiar with, being a major suggestive sex anthem to glitter-trash brats everywhere. The song holds up the momentum, although takes the pace down a notch slightly, but it is the track that best showcases the talents of the two axe men. On “Lay It Down” Warren DeMartini literally does just that, by totally surpassing himself and letting rip halfway through, with an epic guitar solo. When I talk Flash Metal, when I even begin to describe my little custom box – my aural niche – I have this song solely in mind, first and foremost because it is the undoubted definition of all the thoughts and energy that course through my being. The promo video is also notable as it features a very young Whitby Hertford (A Nightmare On Elm Street: The Dream Child), album cover model Marianne Gravatte and Chucko the clown. Plus, the Ratt boys look bitchin’.

“Give It All” is yet another building orgasm, releasing floods of melodic perfection. Packed with pumping bass, drums and spiraling fret work abounds. The chorus is once again glam metal excellence and the track contains more stunning guitar work and great gang vocals. Four songs in, the Ratt gang apply the brakes to their thrill ride in funland and stop to take a rest, dishing out the only ballad – “Closer To My Heart”, which I’ve always thought has been a quite underrated number in the band’s repertoire. For a sleaze rock act, well known to party and epitomize the pop stylings of its particular genre, they sure know how to knock out an emotional tune. Nice clean acoustics for the most part, ascending into a semi-electrical gang vocal fade out, “Closer To My Heart” is solid and for the life of me I don’t know why Ratt didn’t record more songs in this vein. The other stand-out stellar, razor riff tracks are “Between The Eyes” – one that always makes me think of my ex fiancĂ©e (it was her favourite Ratt song) - another cool as fuck song, stumbling along with Stephen Pearcy really making the track once again with that spot-on rough, yet whiny tone. “Got Me On The Line” kicks mucho, mucho ass full stop. It has a little studio recorded intro and outro that really boosts the impact of the song, making you feel breathless and speechless by the finish. It’s definitely a “what the fuck was that” – leave you in awe, killer tune.

Three more songs make up the album, “What You Give Is What You Get”, “You Should Know By Now” and “Dangerous But Worth The Risk” – all of those are great, but slightly below par with the other tracks it pains me to say. They are quite similar, containing the cheesiest of the lyrics, though don’t be fooled. They rock, yet more brilliantly ecstatic hooks and groovy driving riffs. All in all, this album is one seriously wicked motherfucker. I swear down, and I tell no lies – Buy it. Love it. You cannot listen to this and not get your butt happy. Feet will tap, heads may bang, air guitars will be created mid-listen and you may like me, have an unstoppable urge to apply make-up, tease your hair and fuck all night….


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  1. Ratt is not a heavy metal band. They're just commercial pop-rock pigshit. Giveme Priest and Maiden anytime, and anything that can bang a million heads

  2. Thankyou for your comments but I have to disagree. I like Priest and Maiden also, but even they have had their commercial moments. If you go back and listen to Ratt's first two rcords you'll find they are much heavier than their later stuff. Plus, there is nothing wrong with pop-rock, I'd take it any day over what's currently clogging up the charts. On a final note, why are you commenting on an artist you don't like?

  3. Funny!
    What exactly is heavy metal?

    playing the same old sounding open E or A stirng palm muted riffs? (Iron maiden)

    Ratt was Hair metal / glam metal and real good at that.
    Motley Crue
    Twisted Sisters