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BulletBoys - 10c Billionaire (2009)

1. Asteroid
2. Blessed By Your Touch
3. Born To Breed
4. Bringing Home The Gun
5. Girls Kissin' Girls
6. Jenna Star
7. Road To Nowhere
8. Save The World
9. Wasted
10. Witness
11. Road To Nowhere (Radio Version)

 Ah, The BulletBoys. You know I used to love them, but it's all over now...

Unbelievably, this is the band's sixth studio album, with Marq Torien again being the only original member present and he once again takes up the task of producing a crusty pile of horse shit! - further tarnishing the BulletBoys name. I was particularly disappointed with this album, as alot of the old big name 80s bands have put out top-notch solid records recently. Danger Danger, KISS, Winger, House Of Lords, and W.A.S.P.'s new stuff have been complete returns to form and some of the best releases of the entire year. 10c Billionaire cannot even be put into the same category as any of those Cd's, in fact I feel bad now just for mentioning them in the same post. 10c Billionaire is awful...

Woeful, pathetic and an utter mess. There's no Mick Sweda, Jimmy D'Anda (although Lonnie Vencent has lost his mind again and re-joined the band, but then again, he's got fuck all better to do!) and long gone are the days of the Van Halen-esque sleaze rock the BulletBoys were so good at crafting. No "F#9"'s, no "Kissin' Kitty"'s or "Smooth Up In Ya"'s to be heard here. No, just horrendous nu-metal garage rock that sounds like it was recorded in a bucket. I have no idea why on earth Marq Torien thinks that this is what people want to hear. It's obvious he's trying to update their sound and fit in with newer acts, but the dude is getting old and he should know what he's good at. He sucks at this type of "music", because this type of music sucks.....hard! He can't honestly thinks this tripe sounds good can he? Can he!?

BulletBoys used to ooze sex and debauchery, they were stylish and they just rocked plain and simple. It used to be good old fashioned hard rock tinged with sexual innuendo, as in the aforementioned "Kissin' Kitty". Now we get "Girls Kissin' Girls", which is just cheap and blatant. The song screams to me "Hey look, I used to be somebody, I think I still am, I can still score with the chicks right?" BulletBoys fans will hate this record and I challenge anyone just to make it through listening to the samples for each track. They've put "Road To Nowhere" on twice and it goes nowhere both times. The production is awful, the quality of guitar playing is almost non-existent, but you can hear that Torien still has the pipes on him. That's sad as well, 'cause Marq Torien has a great voice, full of screeching soul and it is going totally to waste on 11 tracks of trash. I'd expect a crappy new album from say, Faster Pussycat or Pretty Boy Floyd, but I kind of held the BulletBoys in higher regard in terms of comeback output...

At a stretch I'd say that "Wasted" is the best track, the most listenable anyway amongst all this de-tuned, whiny noise. But, and this is big, huge, massive b-u-t, do not buy this album. According to my sources, in its first week of sales, 10c Billionaire, entered the Billboard album charts at the #6 position of top Internet sales. Please I beg of you, don't let them make any money and think that this is good shit, or that their fans are just pleased to have new material to listen to. You may have arrived at this page, due to being a fan yourself but you know BulletBoys are better than this. So just stick with the self-titled debut and "Freakshow". For shame...



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